G.Saitta Restaurant und Winery / by Andrea Kohlhaussen

I would like to share with you the opening of Mario Saitta`s amazing new restaurant at Heinrichstrasse 83 in Düsseldorf. I can strongly recommend this fantastic new place!

Their walls were a little naked so they kindly gave me the opportunity to install the Ice King, Space I & II, Column I & II and Black, Grey & Silver throughout the restaurant. 

Mario Saitta is an outstanding cook who has been working in the family business since the age of 13. Since the age of 17 he has worked at star restaurants such as "La Ciau del Tornavento" in Piemont, Italy, and the restaurants "Im Schiffchen", "Hummerstübchen" and"Amici" in Düsseldorf. His entire team is incredibly nice, polite and kind and I already know that it will be one of those restaurants where you'll be glad to get any table at all.