Andrea Kohlhaussen employs proprietary methods and image alteration techniques to explore structures and emergent designs in nature. In this particular exhibition the artist revisits the element water in a completely new way.

Though some of the photographs and photographic art objects can only be produced with digital and affiliated technical methods, the underlying goal is consistent: to bring out the essence of structures, patterns and movements and to enhance them visually. Sometimes the images have a clear identity but others leave plenty of room for an individual interpretation of the art work in front of the viewer’s eyes. Some pictures are complete in themselves and others achieve their meaning through their transformation into natural photographic art. Some may stand alone, others are seen as a collage, as a pair or a sequence. The artist uses different methods to underline certain aspects in the images to enhance their meaning and the character of the particular motive. As an example, an image may be treated so as to appear as if it were painted and not photographed.