Andrea Kohlhaussen is a uniquely gifted visual artist, possessing the rare talent of recognising the seemingly mundane and transforming it into an image of beauty, without falling into the trappings of representation. Andrea’s inborn sensitivity to discover and make manifest the complex beauty of nature and naturally-formed patterns touch our subconscious, our deepest memories and most profound instincts.

Observing her work, the beholder is stirred by the forces that create the inexplicable intricacy of patterns, shapes and colours which the artist records in her work – it moves the viewer with emotions rooted in man’s most distant past, a visual fabric that is alive, dynamic, and ever-changing, and yet as old as the world itself. Capturing this timeless imagery and repurposing it with contemporary visual techniques ties mankind’s ancient legacy of nature with the vibrant and chaotic man-world of the present.

Interestingly, Andrea’s work exits in parallel to the contemporary theoretical discourse on naturally emergent patterns and seemingly unordered structures currently being addressed in architecture and industrial design. However, her work is uncontaminated by such discourse and, as such, is free to develop intuitively and personally, unencumbered by any intellectual manifest or imposed methodology; rather, the work is a direct manifestation of the artist’s soul, of her intelligence and emotions, powerful, pure and timeless.

Cristiano Ceccato
Associate Director, Zaha Hadid Architects
London, England, August 2015