Water appears in an endless variety of patterns and colours all around us. Water is not only an element that takes on countless forms and shapes: it is constantly moving, dynamic and vibrant; its appearance changes continuously. The very appearance of water depends on many factors – including currents, the wind, the colour of the sky, the weather, time of the day, available light, the water level, temperature and even the chemical composition of the water itself.

When observing an image of a water image, it may appear to us as a deep and vibrant blue – since the water was simply that particular blue on that given day. Thus when one considers the golden- black-water-structures – on that specific day the water looked exactly like that, because the golden evening sun was shining on the black surface of the water. Thus all colours and basic structures one sees in these pictures are photographically authentic as they were recorded at a specific moment in time and not digitally created or retouched. Andrea Kohlhaussen captures the essence of these “liquid moments in time”, emphasising the softness and infinite profundity of the moving water.